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Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage & Ashi-Thai CE Massage Courses 
Cincinnati Ashiatsu Class Information

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Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy is the original source of deep tissue barefoot massage using overhead bars in the US. For 20 years, we have been teaching massage therapists how to use their feet and gravity instead of sheer strength to transform their careers.

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2015 Classes in Cincinnati (unless otherwise noted)

June 25-27 + June 28  Barefoot Basics + Anterior/Side-lying in Spokane, WA

July 7-8 (Tues-Weds)    Ashi-Thai

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is an adaptation of ancient forms of barefoot massage. "Ashi" means "foot", and "atsu" translates as "pressure," so together they symbolize foot pressure. In our style of barefoot massage, bars overhead the massage table are used for balance and support. The client lies comfortably on a massage table, and lubricant is applied. Gravitational force is combined with both centrifugal and centripetal movements which help to bring about structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Ashiatsu can be very deep and yet feel astonishingly relaxing to the client.

In Ashi-Thai, the therapist moves the client through a series of stretches meant to elongate and relieve muscle tightness in commonly used muscle groups. She works with the client, always maintaining a "feels so good" stretch. Comfortably lying on a massage table, the client wears loose fitting clothing, and lubricant is NOT used. The Ashi-Thai class schedule is here.

Check out a video of Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage  here.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Class Descriptions
Ashiatsu barefoot massage class schedule is here.

Barefoot Massage

Barefoot Basics ©
Introductory - 3 days - 25 CE - $649.
Pre-requisite: Therapist understands anatomy and physiology.

This 3 day entry level Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar course is designed to teach massage professionals how to administer the ultimate barefoot effleurage application. Our famous one footed posterior sequences with our spa anterior finish can become a marvelous 60 or 90 minute session. Theory and lecture focuses on history of barefoot massage, cautions, contraindications, proper body mechanics for gravity assisted massage, proper draping, construction and design of bars in the treatment room, marketing the technique and foot hygiene.  You will feel every single stroke from the instructor and she will feel yours. On the final day, we provided is a public clinic/ practical for the ultimate in learning retention. Making sure you are safely up and operational before you leave our class is one of our "claimed to fame" teaching methods that is well respected in the CE industry.     

Get the Ashiatsu class schedule here.                                                      

Barefoot Anterior


Barefoot Anterior and Side-lying©
1 day - 8 CE - $215
Pre-requisite: Therapist understands anatomy and physiology                                                  .

This course can be taken with Barefoot Basics or by itself. It is often taught right after Barefoot Basics for convenience and for those therapists who want more in-depth knowledge of anterior work. Therapists will be taught a protocol that will integrate anterior and side lying strokes. The client's eyes are comfortably draped in the anterior rountine so he/she doesn't stare up at you! Side lying strokes can be used in conjunction with sports massage or when working as a team with your clients to locate the source of pain patterns and to treat them. The therapist does NOT work on the client's face with her/his feet.

Barefoot Basics©  + Anterior Combo
3 days - 25 CE - $749 (save $15)

Barefoot Basics + Anterior class combo will give therapists enought knowledge to perform a minimum of a 90 minute - 2 hour session, both posterior and anterior. Because there is more information presented in this class, cost is slightly higher ($695) and breaks are shorter than with the other courses. This barefoot ashiatsu class is perfect for therapists who can't take more than 3 days off in a row and helps to save on lodging expenses. 

Deepfeet Two © - Advanced Ashiatsu 
3 days - 25 CE - $649
Pre-requisite: Certified graduate of Barefoot Basics.

This dynamic advanced Barefoot Bar Ashiatsu course is best suited for the barefoot basics graduate who has had time to acquire some clinical experience. For those who feel they are ready to learn advance concepts using two feet with more body compression, this specialty course is for you. You will need a healthy fitness level, with upper arm and abdominal strength to deliver comfortable two footed moves to your training partner. Students will learn two-footed posterior strokes that are gliding to be combined with the sequences and protocols learned in Barefoot Basics. Theory and lecture focuses on specific back conditions while identifying and qualifying clients for this treatment.

Offered only once a year in Cincinnati, this course is an advanced  3 day barefoot massage CEU course.  Click here for the advanced Ashiatsu class schedule.

2 days -16 CEUs -$429
Prerequisite: Basic understanding of anatomy, licensed for massage in your state

In this barefoot bar Ashi-Thai workshop, you'll be guided through many manipulations while the therapist holds onto a bar for better balance, stability and support. The combinations of the techniques have been arranged following traditional energy lines and stretches for elongating and relieving tightness in commonly used muscle groups. Unlike Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, in Ashi-Thai the client wears comfortable and loose fitting clothing. No oil or cream is applied.

This flowing and rhythmic approach was developed for any body worker who prefers using the massage table over a floor mat and wants to stretch a client prior to a massage. As a complement to any Ashiatsu session, Ashi-Thai can revitalize energy lines and leave a profound effect by relieving muscular tension and improving range of motion. Ashi-Thai can also be used as a treatment by itself.

Class cost includes Ashi-Thai manual, CEUs and certification. You may purchase the 2 DVD set Ashi-Thai educational DVDs at the class if you wish ($100). The Ashi-Thai class schedule is here.

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